RAKUN | Play anywhere, Play all the time


RAKUN | Play anywhere, Play all the time



The RAKUN project aims to create a seamless and borderless entertainment ecosystem.

Starting with (blockchain) games and then by involving other 3rd parties, a singular token will be issued and circulated within RAKUN services. This new secure gaming marketplace contains blockchain technology at its core.



Starting with games and wielding Blockchain technology, the RAKUN project creates a safe, fun, seamless, and borderless entertainment ecosystem that reaches all corners of the entertainment realm.

The “RAKUN” System

The RAKUN project is a first of its kind system built from Blockchain technology, and by leveraging such technology issued tokens can safely be circulated and actively utilized.

Good Luck 3 Title History

Starting with Japan's first Blockchain game, "Crypt-Oink", the Good Luck 3 Group intends to produce numerous Blockchain games and other products.

Cryptoldols Bver.






  • Kazuhisa Inoue Founder & CEO

    Kazuhisa Inoue Founder & CEO

    2004 graduate of Tokyo University’s department of Engineering and Science.
    Entered Dream Incubator in 2004.
    where he performed Business Strategy Consultancy for Internet, and Mobile Content.
    Led Venture Anime Studio DLE to Initial public offering.
    In 2011, assumed the role of managing director at "Delight" (Subsidiary of Dream Incubator) expanding the development base of the social game business in Fukuoka.
    In 2013, Founded Good Luck 3. Aspiring to construct a type of "Mobile Amusement Park", after raising over 10 million in seed funding, acquiring the content rights from "Sanrio", and creating a partnership with Huis Ten Bosch Amusement Park he served as the executive producer of mobile titles, the "Touch! Gudetama." series (exceeding 4 million downloads) and "Aerial Legends" (2 million downloads)

  • Masaaki Hatamura Director & Producer

    Masaaki Hatamura Director & Producer

    Entered DeNA in 2004 and conceived the construction of Japan's leading Game & SNS site, "mobage".
    5 times awarded 1st place and grand prize as the top contributor to web development at the "Web Creation Awards".
    While still as DeNA, he constructed and led the localization of English and Chinese platforms contributing to business expansion.
    In 2012, Entered Square Enix where he created numerous platforms catered towards both domestic and abroad markets, and through Social Game based platform "Square Enix Bridge", unified players and service members.
    From August of September 8th, he has focused on Bitcoin and Blockchain and in wanting to realize a platform that is ran for users by users, has taken part in this project.

  • Jerome Coquard Director & CTO

    Jerome Coquard Advisor

    Born in France.

    Working as a game director at GameLoft he was in charge of the hit racing series "Asphalt".

    In 2006 he transferred to the Japanese branch of GameLoft and helped build and lead the development team intended for the Japanese market.

    Following Gameloft, he worked with the indie game developer "I-Friqiya" as a lead engineer and director for a Playstation 3 title. Later at the company FIELDS he served as a social game engineer as well as producer.

    At Good Luck 3, he served as the lead engineer for the game title "Aerial Legends" which surpassed over 2 million downloads and is currently a project lead on the Blockchain game "Crypt-Oink".

  • Katsumori Matsushima

    Katsumori Matsushima Partner

    Prior Industrial Scientist of Jet Engines, Researcher of Automation, Marketer at IBMJapan, Managing director of Pricewaterhouse and Graduate Professor of Engineering at Tokyo University. He currently serves on a board overseeing engineering research and a number of businesses.

  • Shinto Teramoto

    Shinto Teramoto Partner

    Graduate research professor of law at Kyushu University. Through being a former graduate research professor or law at Tokyo University, he currently does research to service companies involved with digital currency and smart contract utilization while also advancing its growth and expansion to the public. Furthermore, he does legal education of practical intellectual property and provides legal support for the organizations.

  • Gento Mogi

    Gento Mogi Partner

    Professor in the graduate school of engineering at Tokyo University. Research includes risk management and Energy, Resource Economics, Real Option analysis, Project evaluation, Social system modeling, and the advancement and evaluation of renewable energy as policy. Author of, "What's to become of Oil? Electric Power? And the Next Generation. The Story of Energy to come." and "The workings of the Oil business through pictures."

  • Kazutaka Muraguchi

    Kazutaka Muraguchi Advisor

    Representative of Japan Technology Venture Partners (NTVP). Through participation with Nomura Securities Venture he came to found NTVP. Holding a long history as a Venture Capitalist in Japan, He has invested into multiple start-up ventures and stands accomplished in taking companies DeNA and Infoteria to public listings on the Nikkei index.

  • Hiroshi Shimo

    Hiroshi Shimo Advisor

    CEO of Blockchain-focused Consensus Base. Hold significant knowhow and experience with implementing Blockchain Technology into large industries including Japan Exchange Group, Daiwa Securities Group and Softbank. Currently Consensus Base offers ICO Consulting along with ICO Launchdesk. In collaborating with NEC has published numbers Bitcoin and Ethereum books and has been mentioned in Blockchain magazines, books, and articles. Furthermore he serves as a member of the Blockchain investigation committee within the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

  • Darvin Kurniawan

    Darvin Kurniawan Advisor

    Darvin is a co-founder of Crowdvilla, a blockchain startup based in Singapore, creating a community-based real estate ownership for holiday properties on the Ethereum blockchain. As a graduate of NUS School of Computing Darvin is well positioned to capitalise on the growth of the blockchain technology. Prior to Crowdvilla Darvin was involved in a few new businesses both in the low-tech and hi-tech space. Darvin is a big believer and follower of Blue Ocean Strategy and Emergenetics.

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